The Great Gatsby Title Meaning

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The Not So Great Gatsby In the book The Great Gatsby by F.Scott fitzgerald, Gatsby lies about his family, his wealth, and his past, and therefore he does not deserve the title “The Great Gatsby”. James Gatz is Jay Gatsby’s real name. Gatsby states that his name is Jay Gatsby but that is not the truth. Gatsby lies about how he earned his wealth, lies about his parents being dead, and he disregards others’ feelings for his obsession with his past girlfriend, Daisy. Gatsby is dishonest and obsessive person and does not deserve to be called The Great. Gatsby is very wealthy. He has a huge mansion that he throws parties every week, he drives a very fancy and stylish yellow car, and he dresses to impress. He claims to earn his money by owning…show more content…
It has been five years since he went to war and Daisy has moved on. She marries a guy named Tom and they have a baby together. Ever since Gatsby came back from the war he has been trying to win Daisy back. Everything he buys, wears, and does is for Daisy. His obsession with Daisy takes control of him when him, Daisy, Tom, Nick, and Jordan decide to go to the city. In the city they all go to a hotel room. Things soon get heated between Gatsby and Tom. Gatsby tells Tom that “Your wife doesn’t love you. She’s never loved you. She loves me” (Fitzgerald 130). Gatsby completely blind by his obsession with Daisy that he does not see that he will never get Daisy back and disregards Tom’s feelings. This shows that Gatsby does not care about anything unless it has something to do with Daisy. Not only did Gatsby lie about his parents being dead but he also lied about his name. Nick tell us a lot about Gatsby’s past. For example, Gatsby did not grow up in wealth, he was poor. “ James Gatz - that was really, or at least legally, his name.” (Fitzgerald 98) This shows that Nicks informs us about Gatsby 's true past. Gatsby lies about his past to he can try to follow his idea of the American dream. As a result to all his lies, Gatsby had made his life into an illusion. Gatsby lied about how he gains his wealth. He takes people’s money and tricks them into thinking they are buying bonds, which makes him a criminal. Gatsby also lies to everyone about his name and disregards other’s feelings for his obsession of Daisy. Gatsby is an obsessive criminal and does not deserve to be called “The
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