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Tom Buchanan, is the husband of Daisy in F. Scott Fitzgerald The Great Gatsby that has a big lack of morality throughout the book. Tom has a cruel; strong body tone and he lives in East Egg. In the novel, Tom Buchanan takes the role of the antagonist because he prevents Jay Gatsby from living happily ever after. This is in two ways first it's in Gatsby's head which happens throughout most of the book and then by actually denying him from being with Daisy and he also takes actions which lead to Gatsby's death. Tom Buchanan is first introduced as an excellent sportsman but he's wealthy, restless, and cruel, which is a terrible combination. Tom Buchanan' s money makes him very careless and reckless throughout the novel.

In the opening chapters of the novel, we learn a little bit about Tom Buchanan. First we get a solid description of him from Nick saying that he is a
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In chapter 8, Tom moves to Minnesota with Daisy right after Myrtle gets killed. This shows how Tom is very careless because right after Myrtle dies he skips town with Daisy and acts as though the death of Myrtle means nothing to him. In chapter 9, Tom sees Nick in town in Minnesota and has a quick conversation with Tom. Tom during this conversation admits to Nick that he told George Wilson, Myrtle's real husband, that Gatsby was the owner of the car that hit Myrtle and killed her. This shows how Tom is very careless of the people around him and he only cares about himself. These are a few ways that Tom Buchanan is a great character to portray the degrading morals of the 1920's.

In conclusion, Tom Buchanan has portrayed the theme careless and reckless, mainly because of excessive amounts of money and is lacking roots throughout F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby. Tom Buchanan used his money to gain Daisy back. Thus proving that he is the prime character to be associated with this theme and a prime example of the degrading morals of the
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