The Great Gatsby Vehicles Analysis

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F. Scott Fitzgerald presents many themes in his novel, The Great Gatsby. One of the themes of the book is the Contrast in the lives of those in different social classes. This theme is developed in the novel by Fitzgerald’s motif of vehicles and the consequences that occurred due to their reckless drivers. This motif shows how those in different social classes have different consequences for their actions. The First reference to vehicles in the novel is when Jordan borrowed a car and left the top down in the rain. Due to such a reckless mistake the rain ruined the car’s interior. However, she neither apologized to the owner nor paid for the damage. Fitzgerald’s use of this incident shows that because Jordan was raised in a high social class, she did not value the things that…show more content…
In Chapter 7, on the way home from New York, Daisy kills Tom’s mistress, Myrtle, in a hit and run. Gatsby tells Nick that of course “[he’ll ] say [he] was driving” (Fitzgerald 143)in order to take the blame off of Daisy. This scene shows how Gatsby (who is new money) will receive the blame and consequences for something that Daisy( who’s old money) did. Those who are old money, allow others to suffer and take the blame for their transgressions. Myrtle’s death caused George so much grief and heartbreak; he decided to get revenge for his wife’s death. At the end of the book, all of the characters that were not related to old money were dead; Myrtle, Gatsby, and George. These three deaths could be tied back to Gatsby’s car on the night that Daisy killed Myrtle. In chapter 7, Tom tells George that it was Gatsby’s car who ran over Myrtle. This causes George to murder Gatsby in his mansion, then kill himself. The events after Myrtle's death prove that those without the advantage of money live a more difficult life. Daisy’s reckless driving lead to the death of three people. While Gatsby was killed for Myrtle’s murder, Daisy can happily leave
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