The Great Gatsby Visual Analysis Essay

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In the novel, there is a large billboard advertisement displaying a large pair of glasses with eyes shining through them. Many characters notice how the eyes in the spectacles seem always be watching, similarly to those of God. In a way, the reader is represented through those eyes as they are watching the characters’ stories unfold. The lenses of the spectacles divide the page into two primary sections and the peripheral images, along with the placement of quotes and comments, are used to help illustrate the visual without a written explanation. The focal point of the visual is in the left lens of the spectacles. The two staircases represent the difference types of wealth depicted in the novel. The images surrounding the lens; the Buchanan's…show more content…
Since she is elevated so high, she has to put on a mask and pretend to be the girl she is painted as. On the other hand, Gatsby’s journey was all about putting on ostentatious displays to gain the attention of Daisy. Many of the items in Gatsby’s possession are yellow. If you think about it, yellow is gold without the shine. In the novel, items that are used for show are always yellow (yellow car, “yellow” music) which is why I included lots of yellow in Gatsby’s house. In Gatsby’s eyes, the green light at the end of the dock represents hope and his dream. Obtaining the green light would mean that his “American Dream” is complete with Daisy in tow. Throughout the novel, Gatsby is trying to make it over to the other staircase and be a part of Daisy’s life as if he was in the past, but no matter how much money he has, he will always be lower on the social hierarchy. Similarly, Myrtle believed that Tom would leave Daisy and she would get her shot at wealth but in reality, Tom was just using her; once he got bored, he could move on to another woman who would also cherish him and want his money. At the end of the day, Daisy and Tom both returned to their lives in East
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