The Great Gatsby Voice Analysis

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Gatsby says that Daisy’s “voice is full of money” (p115). Discuss.
The Great Gatsby is a novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald in 1925. It was set mainly in Long Island and New York during the period of 1922. The novel itself mainly focused on describing the idea of American Dream. It described a manifestation of the American Dream. It was just not merely being wealthy and climbing up the social ladder but it also revolves on the idea of ‘love’. The manifestation was depicted through the main character Jay Gatsby, a wealthy young man. Gatsby was born poor but he managed to climbed up the ladder and be wealthy. However, his definition of success was to win Daisy’s heart, his youth love and now a married woman to Tom Buchanan. In chapter seven
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This essay will examine on why Gatsby made the aforementioned statement. It will be pivoted on Gatsby’s desire to be close with Daisy, Gatsby’s desires to attain a perfect life and the characterization of Daisy.
Gatsby’s success of being a young and wealthy man would not be possible without Daisy in the picture. Gatsby is extremely obsessed with the idea of being with Daisy or at least being close to her. Nick described Daisy’s voice as a ‘deathless song’ (p.202) which suggests that Daisy’s voice is immortal as well as soothing. It is a constant obsession of Gatsby, it is never ending. It crafted a sickness in his head and resulted in the forging of his life motivation, being with Daisy. From the quote, the word ‘money’ further symbolises Gatsby’s source of motivation to thrive for his dream. “[Daisy] only married [Tom] because I was poor,” (p.247). Only through being rich, he would be able to be closer to her and in bigger context being able to be with her. Gatsby amassed his wealth by whatever means he could just to be near her. This can be seen through the line “[Gatsby] and this Wolfsheim bought up a lot of side-street drug-stores here and in Chicago and
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Stability according to Daisy can be derived as having overwhelming amount of wealth. The word ‘full’ from the quote symbolizes that Daisy desire to be showered with never-ending amount of money. The word ‘money’ from the quote derived Daisy’s personality as a woman; a materialistic, proud and elegant woman. In fact, Daisy wishes her daughter to be “a beautiful little fool" (pp.100), an attractive woman that would attract the wealthy man and continue her bloodline of ‘Old money’. Daisy’s attention was always materialistic; marrying a socially reputable wealthy man was her key to happiness or perhaps good marriage. The quote “It makes me sad because I’ve never seen such—such beautiful shirts before.” (p.198). Further supported that Daisy was a gold digger. To Daisy, social status was a big deal. Daisy maintained a very reputable image in front of the society; she did not drink but remains a social butterfly. It is true that Daisy loved Gatsby but leaving Tom for him would be a step down from her social status. When Daisy realized that Gatsby was a man that lived by criminal activity, it was his way to manipulate people. It frightened Daisy; it changed the way how Daisy looked at Gatsby and her feelings towards him. “I never loved [Tom],’ she said, with perceptible reluctance,” (p249.) shows that after knowing the real Gatsby, she was unsure about the idea of loving him. Regardless of how charismatic Gatsby was, she
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