The Great Gatsby Women Essay

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The best of wives and women in Gatsby Women in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby play a rather complex and interesting role. During this time period, women were breaking away from the social normality of staying in the domestic hemisphere and instead were rebelling against social normalities and changing the view that society had of them. They changed their clothing style, started going out by themselves more often, and other acts that society would have viewed as, “absurd.” Also during the golden 20’s men had all of the status, all of the money, they owned everything. Women during this time had no entitlement to anything, it was all their husbands or men in their lives. We see this in all three of our main feminine characters in The Great Gatsby. Thus…show more content…
This applied especially to the rich. East Egg during this time is what some would call, “Old money,” and West Egg during this time is what some would call, “New money. The term“Old money,” concludes that money has been in the family for generations. The term“New money,” refers to that someone like Gatsby who has climbed his way up the social ladder; a “rags-to-riches,” story. Daisy, one of our main characters would be an example of “Old money.” Daisy was brought up in a wealthy household so therefore her family’s money is generational, therefore deeming her as “Old money.” To recap: Daisy is, “Old money,” and Jay is, “New money.” With this proclaimed what West Egg wants to be is respected and achieve the same social acceptance as West Egg or, “Old money.” With money being generational in East Egg, so do traditional values and conservative mindset, hence Tom’s infidelities, Daisy opposed to getting a divorce from Tom, and Jay lying about his past. Despite the setting and timing of the novel, despite the overall role of Jordan Baker in The Great Gatsby had a lot of influence and power while as women in the example of Myrtle had little to no power. By the same token,
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