The Great Gatsby Writing Style Essay

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An author’s writing style defines the technique they choose to use in their written work. Style is a crucial element in writing as it makes every author’s piece of work unique as well as generates the different themes and emotional content in their stories. The writing styles of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway could not be any more different. Whereas Fitzgerald chooses to use elaborative words and complex sentences with subordinate clauses in his writing that highlight the conflicts of high society, Hemingway utilizes simple sentence structure followed by unsophisticated words that create a realistic plot. Whereas Fitzgerald’s lush diction and elaborate syntax in “Winter Dreams” builds a connection with the readers that reveals the…show more content…
Thus his youth promotes his innocence. However ,“when autumn had come and gone again it occurred to him that he could not have Judy Jones”( Fitzgerald,7) Yet, his innocent outlook on life, allows him to believe that he may one day attain Judy Jones and the social status he aspires to . It is only years later when Judy Jones is married to a drunk husband, and she has “faded”, that Dexter realizes that “the dream was gone” (Fitzgerald,9). Fitzgerald uses the concept of time through symbols such as seasons, to portray the loss of innocence that Dexter experiences. Whereas, youth is important in “Indian Camp”, Hemingway focuses only in the present to portray the loss of innocence. Nick Adams, the main character of “Indian Camp”, lacks experience in life and is not familiar with concepts of racism, birth or death. When he accompanies his father, a doctor, to an Indian camp, he witnesses the pain of a mother in labor. Nick’s naive mind is unable to categorise the Indians as different racial group; thus he is unable to abide to the time period’s indifferent attitude towards the
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