The Great Gatsby's Death Analysis

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Everything in life has a cause, a reason behind its existence. Some instances are more complicated than others. Gatsby’s death was the result of a domino effect, each event leading up to the other. In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, Nick Carraway is the most accountable for Gatsby’s death because he is the one who knows the most, but says the least. Tom Buchanan’s character is the most parasitical one in the book. He is much like a leech, hurting others for his own benefit. When Wilson goes to Tom to find out who the owner of the yellow car is, he “told him the truth” knowing very well the deranged state Wilson was in (9). Tom did this because he knew Wilson “was crazy enough to kill [him] if [he] hadn’t told him who owned the car”…show more content…
She was clearly unhappy with her husband, so she decided to have an affair with Tom Buchanan. She is an extremely jealous mistress and it becomes apparent to George that she has been cheating. He locks her away in their apartment above their garage. When she sees a car that she believes belongs to Tom, “she rushed out into the dusk, waving her hands and shouting” and she was immediately killed (7). This causes George to seek revenge on the owner of the car, whom he believes his wife was cheating on him with. She had no direct relationship with Gatsby, but her actions indirectly affected him. Humans have no idea just how powerful their life choices can…show more content…
His blind pursuit of Daisy and the measures he went to trying to attain her led up to his unfortunate end. It was inevitable that the things he did for her would eventually catch up to him. He involved himself in vague activities to make enough money to buy a “house so that Daisy would be just across the bay”, he wanted Daisy to “go to Tom and say ‘I never loved you”, and he lied for her (4,6). He wanted her so bad, and his willingness to do anything killed him. He was too busy aimlessly following Daisy that he failed to think about the consequences he may have to

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