The Great Gilly Hopkins Book Summary

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Katherine Paterson, the author of many famous books, delighted us with “The Great Gilly Hopkins”. A book that talks about a small foster child who has to move around foster homes, but Gilly is no saint; she is a strong girl with attitude problems who tries to show a tough exterior; but deep down what she really wants is for her mother to care for her and take it to live with her.

The Great Gilly Hopkins is a book full of feelings; speaking about what an eleven-year-old girl is experiencing every time she has to move from home to home, explaining to the reader the reasons why she has become that way. The author, Katherine Paterson explored the mind of a troubled girl. And with the limited omniscient point of view you can read what Gilly is
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After moving around so much, she gets tired of it and writes a letter to her mother to come and take it with her. However, she realizes towards the end of the book how much she loves the family, when they get sick she helps them with everything they need and genuinely cares for them but it's too late. She made her own destiny and her grandma goes to visit her. Later she tells her to move in with her. At the beginning of the book, Gilly would have loved that but when she moved away she understood that it was not what she needed. She finds disappointment in her new life and realizes what a great time she had with Trotter, William Ernest and Mr. Rudolph. The Great Gilly Hopkins is a book to reflect on. The characters and the whole story stick to your mind after finishing the book. The author accomplishes to transform Gilly into a real girl who cares about people; people who became her family and who had unconditional love for her. But at the end she got what she wanted since the early beginning, she shaped her destiny and met her mom and went to live somewhere closer to her. Paterson made the plot of this story in such a particular way so Gilly could change her point of view about the people around her and see that her actions would always bring
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