The Great Grandfather

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My main reason for this story is my great grandma Martha First. I’ll admit she’s purely mean, hateful, and dislikes me. But even though I may say hurtful things. Deep down I love her, and I just wish she’d understand that what she says and does hurts me a lot.
She hurts my mom, dad, me, and both my older sisters Vicky and Deborah. But I can understand from their point of view. She’s 83 years old, and she thinks she’s a 12 year old. But she’s not. She’s old and needs to live in a nursing home. But my mother says otherwise.

Chapter 1
It’s your turn now
When I was born my great grandmother’s frown was one of the first things I saw. When I was just seven years old she banned me from her beautiful mansion. She
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Helen was second to be accepted. But not me. I tried too I really did! I would act as girly as I possibly could. But it was not enough to please my great grandmother, Hazel May-lee Viper. And the funny thing is that she’s the one who picked my name out. My name Abigail Ferrari Viper was her pick of the litter. When I was five years old I asked my mother Chrystal Christine Viper why she had no say in what to name me.
“Because my mother wanted to name you.” She answered.
My mother even told me she was going to name me Miracle Jo-lee Viper. But her own mother beat her to it. I felt awful that my mother did not have a chance to name her own daughter, so I told her she could call me by Jo-lee Ferrari Viper. And she smiled at me and wrapped me in a warm embrace.
My mother believed I was going to do great things. She’d always tell me I’m her precious baby girl. But the one day I came home after school hoping to see her waiting for me, she wasn’t. I ran top to bottom in a frantic search for her. But to no avail, I feared the worst that she could be hurt. I started to cry at the top of the staircase. I cried until my face turned red and I fell
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