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The Massive Impact of The Great London Fire The London Fire happened in September 2, 1666 in London, England. It started in Pudding lane near the London Bridge at King Charles II’s baker’s House. The main person Sir Thomas Bloodworth said about the fire, “ a Woman could piss it out”(Cavendish). What started out as a small fire, became a huge monstrosity. The London Fire is comparable to today’s 9/11 due to how much damage happened and how catastrophic it was. All these London problems caused multiple deaths to others. The fire took out over 13,000 houses, and only 16 people died ( Staff). The temperature of the fire raised up to 1700 degrees. The fire was alive till September 6, and many people called it the worst fire ever in…show more content…
The after effect of it all is that they decided to put new buildings in and save London from looking like a travesty. They blamed the disaster on the “treachery and malice of the popish faction” ( Staff). Thomas Farrinor, King Charles II”s baker, blamed guilty of causing the fire and apologized to the lord mayor for spreading fire through the city. They were able to save some of the things that got destroyed during the London fire and helped all the homeless landowners find a home. The houses back then were made out of wood and the only way they could take out the fires in the houses was by using buckets of water. They would form a line to get the water in the buckets to take the fire out as one person fills the bucket up and others would splash it on the houses. The Great London Fire of 1666 was a devastating fire that ruined almost all of London, England, and ruined almost everyone 's lives. It started as a bad fire, to becoming better with the new buildings with London. The destruction was a bad thing to happen to London and was the biggest destruction to London ever

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