Great Pyramids In Egypt

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The Great Pyramids in Egypt were built not only by slaves, but by high class Egyptians as well. There is a lot of evidence to back the claim, for example many slaves were used to build almost every building in Egypt, so saying they built the pyramids as well isn't too far fetched. Some Evidence that high class Egyptians built the pyramids were that when some workers died they were honorably buried near the pyramids. Slaves would not have been buried in such a way due to their social status. Slaves had to work and others had to keep the slaves in check and this might be where the high class Egyptians worked. It’s common knowledge that the Great Pyramids of Giza are a fascinating and mysterious ancient artifact. The pyramids were built around 2500 b.c when Egypt was a dominant force and the Pharaoh was a very…show more content…
During the building of the pyramids a number of high class egyptians can be proved to have been working with the slaves. Although these citizens could have been assigned hard jobs, it's hard to believe they had to do as much as slaves. The evidence for this claim can be seen near the pyramids where these workers were buried. The workers were honorably buried near the pyramids, this would have not been the case if slaves built the pyramids alone, as they are believed to not be important enough to society for such a respect. Almost every class in the Egyptian empire had a part to play in the building of the ancient pyramids. The slaves were most likely not documented in the construction of the pyramids due to the fact they were treated as animals who had no significance in life. The higher class citizens who worked in the easier spots, were praised and honored by the egyptians which is why concrete evidence can be found that they were in fact involved. The pyramids were an effort that required many people and workers, which is why Egypt had to use these important people, and in such a noticeable
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