The Great Society: Lyndon Baines Johnson's Legacy

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20.3- The Great Society
• Johnson Takes Over o As popular as Kennedy had become to this point in his life before he died, Lyndon Baines Johnson was to become just as popular due to his motivation and drive that he exhibited in order to continue Kennedy’s legacy.
 When he was young, FDR helped him progress within his political career, making him Johnson’s idol and motivated to mimic his leadership style. o This was a good decision on Johnson’s behalf as this allowed him to prove himself to both the people and Congress.
 This allowed for Civil Rights Act of 1957, the first bill towards this issue since the reconstruction era. o Inspired to continue in Kennedy’s footsteps, Johnson focused on improving many domestic issues that were occurring
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 Some other movements that were passed included the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Wholesome Meat Act of 1967, and Water Quality Act of 1965. • Warren Court Brings Reform o These changes that Johnson brought during this terms also extended into the Supreme Court systems, in which was led by Earl Warren.
 This court became known as the Warren Court and it took a strong stance towards supporting Civil Rights, starting with the Brown vs. Board of Education case of 1954.
 The ultimate decision was to unsegregated public schools and declare any state oaths as unconstitutional. o Alongside civil rights, this court also came hard upon the issue of reapportionment, or simply the way re-elections were held.
 To account for the movement into suburbs during the 1950’s, voters in rural regions were given more representation than those in cities.
 However, this came up again as an issue in 1962 and 1964, causing political power to be constantly shifting between rural and city areas throughout the
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o Despite much criticism, this decision ultimately benefited the justice system within America, promising everyone to a fair trial just like the constitution promised.

• The Legacy of the Era o Over the course of the last ten years, the formation of the Great Society and actions of the Warren Court, the United States had become a much greater nation.
 It was agreed upon that Johnson increased federal power more than any other president after World War II came to an end.
 Unemployment rates were drastically dropping, but the government was starting to go a bit low on money to the amount it was using to help the American society.
 As Johnson’s term was coming to an end, the next candidate was starting to grow popular to become the next president, which was Ronal Reagan. o During this time of growth and prosperity, Johnson would have a lot on his hands before leaving as the Cold War was still raging on in the background of things.
 Communist forces were slowly making their way to complete control over Vietnam, and this would lead to one of the deadliest and questionable wars in United States
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