The Great Wall Chapter Summary

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Although the anti-immigrant groups believe that the federal law overpowers any moral law, Rose continues to discreetly show her support with the pro-immigrant group. Rose critiques the “wall” as a method of preventing immigration that will ultimately fail just like the Great Wall of China and the Berlin wall which in the end “cannot contain the mass movements of people” (97). Rose is suggesting that the border fence will too be just another wall of admiration such as the Great Wall, that failed to serve its purpose rather evoked thousands of unnecessary deaths. She imposes the question amongst us whether the wall is worth the billions of dollars of cost to build and maintain. In addition, Rose again in later chapters raises the issue of NAFTA…show more content…
I appreciated that Rose didn’t openly take a side and therefore wasn’t able to sway my opinion rather left it to my own judgment. In addition to Rose’s primary question “What would Jesus do?”, I appreciated that Rose presented other issues that in fact are the root of the issue amongst immigration. While reading both perspectives, I found myself torn between agreeing and disagreeing with both which leads me to acknowledge how difficult and extensive this issue truly is. I definitely recommend reading the textbook, in fact; I already recommended the book to my brother which supports Trump and his notion on immigrants. The truth is, this nation simply can’t kick 10 million people out without facing the morality issue and whether many Americans today may be considered “anchor babies”, it would mean breaking both moral law and federal las (constitution) to deport them. Rose was correct in her closing sentence, “And there is you, reading this, asking yourself, what should we do?” (154). This book made me ask myself, what I am doing to contribute to a resolution for such matter. Reading this book and taking this course is the first
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