The Great War Between England And American Colonies Dbq Essay

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4. How did the Great War for Empire change the relationship between England and its American colonies? The Great War for Empire, or Seven Years’ War went on between 1756 and 1763. The unfair taxation of the colonists is what sparked this war; there were also several other political and economic factors, which also played a large part. Since trade was boosted, Americans came to accumulate a large amount of debt to the British creditors. (Henretta & Brody, 2010) In order to extract money from the colonist to repay their debt, the British then began to place tariffs on many common items that had no reason to be taxed. The colonies felt the same way and even though they had an underlying debt, they felt that this was the improper way to go about collection repayment.…show more content…
Prior to this falling out, the colonies would ship their materials to Britain. However, this mercantilism was brought to an abrupt halt when the colonies decided to push back. There was a strong resentment felt by the colonies, even before the Proclamation of 1763. The Proclamation, which prohibited settlement west of the Appalachian Mountains, was thought to prevent further altercation. However, this back fired and was taken as an infringement of the colonial freedom. The Proclamation was ignored and rejected in what would become arguably the first major from of divergence from the Crown. It can also be argued that this was the turning point, which created an irreversible change in society and turning part in the forming of the United

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