The Great War In Emilie's War Horse

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As the Great War continues to expand in the novel, War Horse, Emilie has so many complex and difficult points in her life as the war rages on. As the war grows drastically, Emilie’s emotions strive to put up with the war’s dread. Though the war wiped most of Emilie’s family, the only person with her is her grandfather, and while not having great luck, she chooses to remain hopeful and optimistic. When it was time for her demise, her optimism showed when she somehow knew her grandfather would find Joey. As she hopes for the survival of her and her grandfather during the war, Emilie also wants Joey and Topthorn to be safe. Albeit the German soldiers took Joey and Topthorn from Emilie, she pleads to the soldiers to let them stay on her farm.…show more content…
In particular, disease was one of Emilie’s problems during the harsh period. As stated by Emilie’s grandfather, Emilie was diagnosed with pneumonia which made it difficult for both Emilie and her grandfather to live with her condition. When Emilie dies, Emilie’s grandfather fears loneliness and starts feeling hopeless. This is supported when Emilie’s grandfather sadly spoke, “If she goes, if my Emilie dies, then the only light in my life will be put out” (76). The deaths included in Emilie’s family were Emilie’s parents and her brother who was seventeen when he died. While there was suffering during her time in this war, she found ways to bear the brutality of the war. For instance, Emilie uses her faith and religion to help her cope with her disease and the war. Furthermore, Emilie prays to God to heal her and to watch over her family, the horses, and the war. As her grandfather eavesdrops on her prayers, he describes, “She prays for [Joey and Topthorn]... She prays for her dead mother and father... And she prays for her brother that she’ll never see again... Then she prays for me and for the war to pass by the farm...” As these events lead up to her passing, the World War I had a tremendous force on Emilie which continued to affect people like
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