The Greatest Achievements Of The Roman Republic In Ancient Rome

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In Ancient Rome, the Romans had their own Roman Republic. The Roman republic reasonably met the common good. The way they did this was that they didn’t fully meet the common good in all areas, but in other areas they did. In public service I would give the Ancient Romans an A. One of the greatest achievements in ancient time was the waterway. The sewer system, running water system, and indoor plumbing system reduced the chance of diseases from affecting the population. The roman adequates were an amazing demonstration of their ability to engineer amazing things. They would transport the water to the city, and if you were a patrician then it would go right to your house. Whenever a new city was added they would be a brand new road from the city to Rome. The Roman roads had milestones which are like signs that we use today. However, they any other information about any other cities, but if was still good thinking to make the milestones. Finally, the milestones had the names of the creators of the road. In protect rights, I didn’t give them a great grade. I gave them a C. In Rome there were two distinct classes and they were called patricians. Patricians are the higher class and they are wealthy. Also, they are the only ones allowed to be in the government. Their percentage of the population is a small junk of Rome. To be a patrician, you had to have been given birth by a patrician. Now the plebeian on the other hand is every other person in Rome. Not every plebeian is
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