College Admissions Essay: The Greatest Challenge Of My Life

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The Greatest Challenge
Did you know what you wanted to do when you graduated high school? I did not know what I wanted to do when I graduated so I talked to my family and friends about what should I do. My father and mother wanted me to go to America to study. The idea scared me because I had never been so far away from my family before. I applied for the scholarship and was accepted, so soon I found myself on an airplane to New York. I was to go to the language school until I got acceptance into the university. Coming to America was the greatest challenge of my life because I had to leave my family, prepare all of my stuff to take with me, fly on an airplane by myself, and learn a new language. I am glad I overcame my challenge because I have many positive results since I came including learning English, entering the university, and making new friends.
The first effect of coming to America is that I learned the English language. This was another challenge for me because I had never tried to learn a language before. I knew I had to learn it before entering the university so I went to the English school for one year when I came to the US. If I had not traveled to study abroad I
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This was my most important reason for coming to America, but I was afraid I was never going to happen. I applied for admission to another university when I came, but after five months of studying English they denied my acceptance so I had to find another university. Finally, when I finished the university I received my acceptance to MTSU. Although this was not my first choice I am glad I came because the university has good teachers and fun classes in my major. Coming to America was my answer to what I wanted to do after high school. As a result, I fulfilled my dream of entering a university to study my degree. My next effect of coming to the US happened because of all the people I met at the
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