The Greatest Characters In Homer's The Odyssey

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We view class and the social pyramid through other people’s power. Politically, Physically, Mentally, and how we view someone, is how they excel in these categories. How do we pick our president? Political power. How do we choose the next football player? Physical strength. And why do we appreciate the greatest minds to ever live? Because of their mental intelligence. Energy of mind and body influences these abilities. In the thick of The Odyssey by Homer, mortals and immortals are challenged and judged and reminded of these gifts. Homer depicts our greatest characters by strong men who made a difference in the ancient world. For example most of us know the stories of Odysseus, we’ve read The Odyssey and study greek culture. Their accomplishments are a milestone to how we construct our buildings today. City halls, schools, have features of their architecture because it shows knowledge and power. Now we get into The Odyssey and see that we’re more focused on individual achievements, things done by Odysseus, wills of the gods and tasks of the suitors. What do we judge and analyze? The definition for strength from The Merriam Webster dictionary states it is “the quality that allows someone to deal with problems in…show more content…
One hundred to four, Odysseus survives with his bow and the help of his son and Athena. No one else would have endured the bloodshed in the foyer. This earns respect for Odysseus, risking his life to cure the corruption of his home. A literary criticist named Bruce S. Thorton, professor of classics, admires Odysseus by saying “These existential facts explain Odysseus's defining qualities, cleverness (polymetis) and endurance (polytlas)”. Professors, students, story lovers, enjoy Odysseus’s endurance and his will to not only to survive, but to rescue. If we were to rank Odysseus on a scale of one through ten, we’d give him a big old eleven. Appreciation is a must when we talk about someone of this

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