Greatest Generation Essay

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The Greatest Generation
Questions #3
Jeeun Yi

1) Gordon Larsen was a World War II veteran who participated in the combat at Guadalcanal. In 1942, the Japanese troops were constructing an airfield at Lunga Point in Guadalcanal Island, which was an outpost of Japan. On August 7th, the U.S. Marine and the Allied attacked the Guadalcanal. It was the first large-scale offensive operation of American troops since the Pearl Harbor attack. The combat lasted for 6 months, and the Allied forces finally won the battle. It was a critical turning point of the WWII. However, both troops got severely damaged. More than 25,000 young men were killed due to starvation as well as the combat. Larsen had to lose his brother in front of his eyes on the
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Kerry Corner was the small town near the sanctuary of Harvard Yard. Kids there knew each other, and played with each other, sometimes fighting. Families at Kerry Corner were not rich, but it was a peaceful village until the World War II. It was the most ideal town with nice people. However, when the war occurred, the kids at Kerry Corner signed up to participate in the war, and went overseas; nobody expected it before the war, because people at Kerry Corner were not familiar with traveling the world. Even during the war, young men from Kerry Corner were together, and worried each other fondly. Their families in the States hoped in one mind that their kids could come back safely. After the war, most of the young men came back home safe, and returned to their daily life. Some of them finished their study, and others went to work using their talents from the war. After the war, Kerry Corner was disappeared and people had to be scattered to near working-class suburbs. They had to leave so busily because of the fast growing society, but they kept gathering once a month. At there, they recalled their childhood, and kept building their camaraderie. Even though the prosperity of America brought them better lives, they still missed the absence of Kerry

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