The Greatest Hero's Ulysses, By Tennyson

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“Each hero may have a different quest, a unique cast of characters, and a specific setting, but each hero’s path is more or less the same” (MacNally). There are many heroes in our history books, old folk stories or even superhero stories. One of the biggest heroes from Greek Mythology goes by the name of Ulysses or some people call him Odysseus. Odysseus, was a mighty hero that traveled the seas and fought great monsters and also fight in the Trojan war. Everyone from greece remember him as a mighty hero; however, not many people talk about his later life because they didn’t want to think of their greatest hero deteriorating and having a worthless life. In the poem, Ulysses, by Tennyson, there were three important messages that can be taken…show more content…
Ulysses was a great hero and never wanted to have his life be meaningless. He was all about never wasting a single day in life and he backed up what he said pretty well, due to the fact that he went on so many long adventures. Many people these days just take life for granted and don’t think anything of it so they spend pretty much there whole life 's just sitting on the couch watching television and eating potato chips. It 's such a shame that people have came to this nowadays. Even though Ulysses grew very he didn’t stop his adventure like most elderly would today. In the poem, Ulysses, it mentions, “I cannot rest from travel; I will drink Life to the Lees” (Lines 6-7). When Ulysses makes this statement he is saying that he isn’t going to stop adventuring until he dies. He is going to keep going until he dies. I believe the same I think there is so much to life and just because you are starting to grow old it doesn’t mean that you need to give up. Robinson once stated, “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending” (Robinson). Robinson makes an outstanding point with this statement. She’s truly speaking from her heart as in what she believes in and that is that you need to try your hardest to do something with your life even if you didn’t while you were young. I agree fully with her however, I would like to believe that I have an…show more content…
As many people know Ulysses was a great king along with being a hero. There is a point in everyone’s life where the old has to give up what the have to someone who is younger than you even if you like it or not. Some elderly people have a hard time giving younger people power as they age but they don’t have a choice it 's apart of life. Whether it 's a family heirloom, or property you will have to hand it down to the younger and healthier ancestors. In the poem, Ulysses, he explains, “This is my son, mine own Telemachus, to whom I leave the scepter and the isle” (Lines 33-34). In this part of the poem Ulysses is explaining that as he is about to die he is leaving his son his kingdom so now his very own son is now the King. Neuenschwander states, “Every family has keepsakes” (Neuenschwander). This just shows that every family has something special that they pass down to their kids or grandkids. For my family my dad handed down my grandpas old guitar that my dad received when he was a

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