The Greatest Horror Story: 'Knock On The Door'

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“The greatest horror story ever, of only two sentences short: The last man on earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock on the door...”
Bryce was laughing when he saw Jess looked terrified.
“How is that the greatest horror story ever? It was too short.”
“What’s so scary about a knock on the door anyway..” Bryce seems unimpressed.
“Well sometimes less is more. And think about it, if you’re the last man, who could’ve been on the other side?” Jess replied.
“I don’t know, probably the last woman on earth..” Bryce joked, he didn’t take it seriously.
“You don’t get it don’t you? The fact that he was not alone really scares me.”
“Whatever, just stop being so paranoid, Jess.”
No one knew certainly about what is actually happening
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I can’t stand these things, especially not in this situation, please.”
“These story makers are cold hearted psychopaths, but they should know how to give us chill. I found a quote, listen up Jess.”
“We do not get scared of the dark or lonely places because we are alone, it is the fear that we are not alone.”
“Gosh, just imagine that! What if we are in the story? What if one of us were in the situation?” Bryce tried to scare Jess even more.
What made Jess terrified was both of them were in their living room. The house was all for them, and it was getting late. Just the two of them, tried to stay awake waiting for their parents to came back. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson gone for a midnight party in a faraway city. It could took them a whole day to go from and went back to the cabin.
“Stop it you! If wasn’t for the fact that you’re in charge tonight, I would’ve shut you up.” Jess angered.
“Hey be chill! I’m just trying to spend the night away from school assignments and crap homeworks.” Bryce replied.
“I’m definitely staying up tonight, there is no way I can sleep.” Jess said.
“Well I think I’m going to bed now. Bedtime stories made me sleepy.” Bryce said
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Five minutes passed.
Almost ten minutes passed and no further knock was heard.
“I’m tired, Bryce. There’s no more knocks, we should be alright.”
“Right. I’m gonna make my coffee.”
Bryce got back to the kithen, while Jess slowly walked back the hall.
When Bryce took a foot on the cupboard, trying to reach for the shelf, there it goes again. The knocking sound was back on the door. This time it’s larger, sounded like if a really strong man hitting the door in anger.
It almost made him tripped if he didn’t quickly rebalanced himself.
“Darn it, what is it now?”
“Just ignore it, Bryce. Anyone behind that door would eventually stop or got bored, don’t respond it.”
“It’s the opposite, Jess. Would someone knock on a door without expecting a response?”
“I know. But don’t be stupid. We know it’s not something familiar, accept it Bryce. You know what’s behind that door.” Jess responded. “Make your coffee and enjoy the night as you should’ve.”
“No..., it will be us who open that door or anything behind that door that open it for us.” Bryce braved himself.
Before Jess could made her argument, the phone rings.

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