The Greatest Showman Movie Essay

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A Bildungsroman is a genre of literature that comes from the German bildung meaning “formation/education” and roman meaning “novel”. It describes that the transformation of the main character from child to adult. This type of novel is commonly referred to as a “Coming of Age” novel. Basically, a Bildungsroman is a type of genre such as fiction and non-fiction and it focuses on how a character progresses through the story. For this paper, I will be focussing on the movie The Greatest Showman. This movie was released on December 8, 2017 and was directed by Michael Gracey. The screenplay was done by Bill Condon and Jenny Bicks. This movie features a few of Hollywood's biggest names such as Zac Efron, Zendaya Coleman, and Hugh Jackman.

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By the end, the protagonist recognizes and accepts this change and his or her new position in society. At the end of the movie when the building that they performed in was burned down Barnum had given up and lost all hope, but right when he lost hope everyone else that was apart of the show had finally accepted themselves. They came together as a family and fought for everything that they wanted. They had achieved so much and they weren’t letting that to waste. The group found a new place to perform which was in a tent. It was at this moment when society truly accepted them for who they were. They used this as an opportunity to help other people that are hiding in the…show more content…
P.T Barnum goes through maturity within a period of time, but he is also initiated by loss and forced to live on the streets at a young age. Society didn’t accept all of the outcasts in Barnum's show and thought that it was a disgrace but over time the acts learned to ignore the hate and then they were truly accepted into
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