The Greatest Struggle In The Family's Consequences

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I think that the family’s greatest struggles stemmed from the sudden lack of a steady flow of income, and the consequences that followed. The first struggles that we saw were Mariana being unable to do things for or with her children, being forced to make the same, most likely cheap, meals every day, and having to leave the children alone in the apartment while she was trying to find work or sell empanadas. The greatest difficulty the family ran into was losing their apartment and becoming homeless. Mariana had to keep the kids with her at almost all times, and they were forced to live on the streets while they tried to collect cans and find some way to make a living. Gabi had to drop out of school to try and help support his family as well.
I think that another struggle that Mariana faced was trying to decide what and how much she should share with her children, either about their current situation or their father. She did try and hide some parts of why they were on the street or collect trash, turning it into a game for her children. She also talked to Gabi a little about his father, but also shared some of how she felt. This can be a really
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We saw that Mariana found a job in the food truck selling empanadas, and Gabi was going to school during the day. There was a scene where Mariana saw the license for serving food, so she may have been able to take the test or get the education required to get the license, which would have opened the door for better job possibilities. The family was also dressing nicer, which indicates that they have a stable income and home life, to be able to afford the clothes and keep them clean. The credits also seemed to confirm that the family was able to adapt, as both Gabi and Andrea went on to get Masters in their respective fields, and Mariana now owns her own ranch and is a successful bookkeeper, remarried and had another

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