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The Greek gods and goddesses all their own power, symbol, myths about them, and their relationship with the other god or goddesses. Their powers are all different from sky, marriage, love and a whole lot more. They have many relationships with other gods and goddesses. Each one has their own symbol. Zeus, the king of gods. He was the ruler of mount Olympus. His power was the sky and thunder. His symbol was a lightning bolt or an eagle. A myth about Zeus was a when he was using his shield he could generate natural phenomena linked to the sky, air associated with storms and darkness. Zeus had a curly white beard and very muscular. Poseidon was the brother of Zeus and Hades. His symbol was Trident. His power was the Sea, earthquakes, and tidal waves. A myth about him is that at birth his father swallowed him. Poseidon was build muscular and big. He also had a very dark beard. Hades, the brother of Zeus and Poseidon. His power was the dead and riches and also the underworld. A red diamond was his symbol. His weapon was the pitchfork. A myth about Hades was that he was known as the Lord of Death. Hera, had the power of marriage and family. She was Zeus’s sister and wife. Her symbol was a peacock. The myth about her was that she fascinated with Zeus but he loved her. One day she saw a poor bird so she guarded it well come to find out Zeus had made himself into the bird so he took back his own self and abused her. Then she felt bad and married

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