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The theory1 says that technological change improves productivity on existing agricultural land and save natural ecosystems. Hence, the intensification of agriculture between 1950 and 2000, due to this improvement, made possible the “Green commodities revolution”. In addition, there was an increasing preoccupation with the problem of feeding a rapidly growing world population. Nevertheless, the concern is not only feed people but to feed them with qualify products. The statistic shows that the global food production must be doubled by 2050 and there is an increasing demand for special products such as meat, dairy, vegetables and fruits. As resources are limited, the challenge is to achieve a massive food production in a responsible way, from…show more content…
From 2000, the pineapple production and industry began growing rapidly. The income of thousands of small farmers depends on this crop, particularly in the northern and Atlantic regions of the country. However, the quick expansion of this sector was generating negative environmental and social impacts in Costa Rica. Hence, the government started take actions to transform the sector and achieve healthy and sustainably pineapples’ production.
The GCP launched, in June 2011, the National Platform of responsible production and trade of pineapple which is a 24 months-long agenda implemented by the vice-presidency of the Republic with financial support from the Dutch cooperation agency, ICCO*. The platform connects three main topics: sustainable production, responsibility and action of the state and alliances with the pineapple supply chain actors (over 50 organizations related).
Costa Rica is the first country to set up and adopt actions in this field and is now leading the responses to critical issues in this commodity production. As a result, the widely-backed action plan board serious concerns in the agricultural sector, and worth US$ 800 millions to the national

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