The Green Glass Sea Summary

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In the novel The Green Glass Sea, author Ellen Klages writes a story that shares the lives of two young girls, Dewey Kerrigan and Suze Gordon, during World War II, living in New Mexico with their families, as they make an effort to develop the atomic bomb and create new technology to aid in America’s fight. It is apparent that the author’s main purpose of this narrative was to entertain, but to also somewhat inform and give readers some insight on the occurrences that took place during this time period. I learned some things about the World War II that I didn’t know prior to reading this novel. I found this book to be interesting, and I didn’t find myself losing interest once I got through the first chapter. In my opinion, the first few pages…show more content…
We see this on page 70, when Suze hops a chain-link fence to an off limit area, protected by MPs. Suze goes through obstacles, hides and runs from the guards, and gets herself dirty and scraped up. Once she met up with the other girls at the PX, who decided they’d go around, they were unimpressed, and Betty brushes by her saying, “Some people will do anything for attention,” leaving Suze disappointed. In my opinion, the mood of this event was just discouraging, and it shows that kids want so desperately to fit in, they will do extreme things to be noticed. This mood was not consistent throughout the entire novel, due to the fact that Suze changes as a person, as well as many other changes in the book. The overall mood of the novel showed that the author’s ideas and direction of the book was to simply give a realistic story that showed what life was like for some people during this time. My final opinion of The Green Glass Sea is that it’s a good story if you’re interested in things related to the past. Things that occur in this book can definitely be relevant to the life we know, therefore this book could be an enjoyable and entertaining read for just about anyone. To conclude, I would recommend this novel, because we see many different kinds of things going on such as science, history, bullying, growing up and
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