The Green Hornet: A Tragic Super Hero Film

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The Green Hornet, a Marvel super hero film that has not been recognize as much as Iron Man and Spider-Man. This movie can also be really controversial base on the casts, story plots, and its political theme that has embedded in content. The Green Hornet and his sidekick Kato could be read as Batman and Robin. However, Green Hornet is most likely to be consider as a useless hero since everything was created by Kato. And thus, it is controversial to the audience whether The Green Hornet should be consider as a super hero film. Despite the fact the Green Hornet does nothing helpful to the society, but this movie contains several political aspects that other super hero film has yet accomplished. Currently in the world we live in, several governmental…show more content…
The black beauty breaks through the wall of the warehouse and drags people in and out of the place. These actions could be consider as a violation on the Constitution and certain lawsuits. Here, the movie is depicting the idea of super heroes are often being remit from the consequences they created to the public. Normally, in Marvel’s movies any damage or tragedy caused by the heroes are illustrate as unexpected or necessary. However, in the Green Hornet Michel Gondry, the director, makes these two “heroes” as criminals because of their preposterous actions. Correspondingly, it is showing that super heroes are actually violating the laws like criminals; however, just because they are the abnormal human-beings they can get away from anything with their popularity and their powers. However, in this movie, Green Hornet and Kato barely have the special power to be like Spider-Man or Scarlett Witch. Therefore, Reid and Kato are more likely to be seen as wealthier citizens with the ability to do martial arts and invent special weapons. And thus, this makes Green Hornet and Kato special because they are the reflection of the political aspect that the public does not need so many rich people trying to be like Iron Man. Moreover, they are the depiction of the heroes are as bad as the outlaws because they are also the destroyer of the
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