The Greenhouse Cause Of Global Warming

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The greenhouse effect is a heating occurrence in the Earth’s atmosphere. In which the Earth experiences a temperature increase due to certain gases released in the atmosphere (water vapour, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and methane).The Greenhouse effect seems to be the main cause of the current global warming trend. This is due to the trapping of heat in the Earth’s atmosphere that’s radiating towards space. Where do the Greenhouse gases come from? Quite a crucial component of Greenhouse gas is carbon dioxide (CO2). Most of CO2 comes from fossil fuels (such as coal or gas), and the change in land-cultivation. However, Methane and nitrous oxide, which are also part of the greenhouse gases tend to come from agriculture and waste. In the…show more content…
The concentration of carbon dioxide and other greens gases have been increasing since the beginning of the industrial era. Almost all of the increases in the greenhouse gases is completely due to human activities. What are the effects of Greenhouse gases on the ocean? Due to increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the Earth’s oceans are warming up and the sea levels are rising. Currently about 93% of the additional heat created by global warming has been absorbed by the oceans, causing them to heat up and expand. Therefore, causing a rise in seas levels. ( What is the major factor that is causing sea level to rise? There are two different agencies that cause sea level rises with respect to climate change. The first, being due to an increasing global temperature, causing seawater to expand. Taking up more space in the oceans basin and in theory cause a rise in sea levels. The second, being the melting of ice over the land, which therefore, adds water to the ocean.…show more content…
Therefore, when the sun radiates heat towards the Earth’s surface, a fraction of that heat gets trapped in the Earth’s atmosphere acting as a blanket over the Earth. Because of this, the oceans absorb 93% of the additional heat created by global warming, this then leads to the expansion of the ocean, therefore causing sea levels rise. In view of this, the earth will only deteriorate with time, the heat in the oceans causing sea level rise will cause homeowners, families, even the wild life to relocate further inland before all the islands & cities are flooded, deeming them completely underwater. Information gathered from ( with research from Climate Central I have found out that there has been a projection of a four-foot rise of sea level all over the globe and this is just within the next two or three centuries. Along with a total of a 10 foot rise at the end. Were a 10-foot rise of the sea level over the globe to occur, there would be a sum 28,800 square miles of land lost, and 12.3 million people would lose their land and the place they currently call home. This information I’ve gathered leads me to believe that there is in fact a global sea level rise issue and even though we all know it’s there none of us actually do anything

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