The Greenhouse Effect In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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The greenhouse effect is vital to the survival of life and humans on earth. Although, too much of it can affect our lives in a harmful way, just as too much of anything can harm or even kill us. In comparison to the book, Of Mice and Men, Lennie’s marvel over soft things such as bunnies, hair, and red dresses usually were taken too far. This led to major consequences throughout the book. The greenhouse effect is not just beneficial, it is imperative to all life that it warms the earth enough to prevent a global ice age. Unfortunately, humans, just like Lennie, are taking it too far by causing the opposite effect. Humans essentially are over-warming the earth with rising emissions and the use of crude sources of energy. As a result, the ice caps would melt. If the ice caps were to melt, the sea level would rise exponentially, which would affect modern coastal cities and arctic wildlife. The consequences as a result of our actions could be devastating.…show more content…
Although, it is required that we give it that push to do so. In a way, we are killing ourselves and many other forms of life on earth. We do this by simply driving our cars to work everyday, powering our factories, and in general emitting large amounts of CO2 into our atmosphere. When we begin doing this, the greenhouse effect goes from sustaining our lives to putting it in danger. Some of the hottest years in recorded history have occurred during the 21st century. In context, we are only 15 years into this century, the fact is that the majority of the modern century is still to come and if these first 15 years serve as any indication, earth and all life on it is in grave
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