The Greenwood River: A Short Story

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We crossed the Rocky Mountains this morning. It took all day yesterday and we didn 't stop until 9 pm. We woke up at 4 am and hurried to eat and pack up. We have to take the Sublette to get to the Greenwood Cutoff for 45 miles. It’s very dry there. After we got through that, we reached the GReenwood River. To cross the river we have to pay $16 to use the ferry. There 's no room for us right now so we have to wait until there 's space for our wagon. As the ferry came back, one family got stuck in the water trying to cross without paying. There horses were starting to drown and the wagon fell over. Nobody got hurt but i don 't think they are going to continue the trail. We got onto the ferry and parked and everyone sat by the edge watching the

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