In Order To Succeed You Must Never Give Up Analysis

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Have you ever heard the phrase “In order to succeed, you must never give up”? In the powerful poem, Beowulf, this was the constant variable that occurred in every battle that had taken place. His dedication and lack to give up, compassion for others, and his trust in his men were the key components that later led him to his Heroic name. As in the quote “he knew too well that here was the last of life, an end of his days on earth“ (12) proves that no matter what the risk, he was always willing to sacrifice himself in order to save the lives of others.
Throughout this poem Beowulf showed time and time again, just how much dedication he had throughout his success. From the start of his very first battle against the Grendel, he had in his mind that one day he
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One more heroic characteristic Beowulf showed was the trust in his men. With every battle that
Beowulf was involved in, he was never to leave his warriors behind. During the battle against the
Grendel he purposely picked out fourteen of his strongest warriors and fought alongside sixteen of the
Danish warriors making that thirty warriors Beowulf had to confide and trust in through it all. Even though more than half of the warriors were not his own people, he treated them the exact same. He trusted in that they would be successful in the fight and follow the orders exactly as is without question.
In this quote “’Tis time that I fare from you. Father Almighty in grace and mercy guard you well, safe in your seekings. Seaward I go, ’gainst hostile warriors hold my watch” (4) Beowulf explained to Hrothgar that him and his men would do all that they could to keep them safe from the monster. The last battle before his death was against the dragon. He originally took with him one warrior, Wiglaf a
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