The Grimm Brothers 'Godfather Death'

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“Godfather Death” is a short story collected by the Grimm brothers which can be found on page 12 of the Literature textbook. This story contains several literary elements and one major theme. The underlying theme of the story is the greed and ignorance of man. The short story illustrates how one 's greed can overtake anything in life. The doctor, the protagonist, shows these actions of greed in his own ways.
The story begins with one literary element known as conflict. This conflict draws the readers into the story and sparks their interest immediately. The conflict is the need for a Godfather. A man is out in the streets desperately searching for someone to be Godfather for his newborn child. This conflict experienced by the father character is resolved when Death becomes Godfather to his son. The conflict that starts the story continues throughout as a way of keeping the readers interest in the story. There is conflict between Death and the Godson, as the Godson cheated Death not once but twice. The first time the Godson cheated Death the conflict was resolved by Death letting him off. Later the Godson cheats Death again which brings us to an even higher level of tension in the story. Until finally, this conflict is resolved by Death killing the Godson.
The doctor 's
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There are many different locations in which the short story “Godfather Death” takes place. The first location in the story is a main highway where the father is attempting to find a suitable godfather. The next location that is described in the story is the forest in which Death gives the child, the gift of healing. After the forest the doctor is summoned to the king’s castle in which he breaks the wishes of his godfather. The final, location in the story is the underground cavern of Death, and this is where the story ends. I believe the story is set in medieval times, and I am partial to this belief because of the fact that the doctor uses all herbs to heal and there is a king presented in the
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