The Grimm Brothers Short Story: Mother Holle

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The short story I chose is " Mother Holle." The author is the Grimm Brothers. This short story is set in a period where a daily task was to spin wool for clothing. A mother had two daughters, one pretty and industrious, the other ugly and idle. The stepmother reserved all the chores for the beautiful daughter. Besides, performing all the daily tasks such as the cleaning and cooking. She was also responsible for spinning all the yarn needed to make their clothes. One day while spinning, this daughter pricked her finger and dropped the shuttle down the well. When she told her stepmother that she had lost it, the stepmother responded with anger and told her to fetch it anyway. Being the dutiful girl, she was, she went back to the well and jumped in after the shuttle. When she came to the bottom of the well, she found herself in another place different than her own, but very beautiful. As she walked along, she came to an oven full of bread. The bread than called out, "Oh, take me out! Take me out! Or I shall burn; I have been baked a long time." The pretty and industrious daughter grabbed the bread-shovel and took out all the pieces of bread. She placed them in a row to cool. She then went on her way leaving nothing unfinished, and she asked for nothing for her efforts. After that, she went on till she came to a tree covered with apples, which called out to her, "Oh, shake me! Shake me! We apples are all ripe!". The girl did not hesitate to do as asked; she shook the tree

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