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Childhood The Grinch had a pretty bad childhood. First, when he landed in a basket his foster parents forgot him outside until the next morning. Next, he was bullied during elementary school for being different from everything. Lastly, people laughed at him when he shaved his beard to look nice. All in all the Grinch had a horrible childhood. Scrooge had an okay childhood. When he was young his father was really mean and so he had to be sent to a boarding school. Next, his sister died when he was young. On the other hand. Scrooge apprenticed with Mr. Fezziwig who treated Scrooge like a son. Lastly, his fiancee leaves him after she figures out he will always love money more than her. Ebenezer Scrooge had a so-so childhood. Winner=The…show more content…
If it wasn’t for her the Grinch would still be bad. She convinced him to go to the whobilation to become the cheermeister. She turned him good when he heard that they didn’t need presents for christmas. Tiny tim affected Scrooge by making him nice. He made Scrooge want to help Bob Cratchit so that Tim wouldn’t die. Other than that he didn’t help much. winner=the Grinch Personality The Grinch has an evil personality. First, he likes to scream and shout at the who’s. He also doesn’t like to be happy. He is very rude and mean to cindy lou-who Scrooge has a horrible personality. First he is very rude to Mr. cratchit. Second he tries to make everybody as miserable as him. He also doesn’t like to be warm. winner=Scrooge Actions The Grinch did some evil actions. First of all messes up the whoville postal service. Next, he ruined the town by stealing cars and burning down the christmas tree. Last, he steals the who’s presents and everything related to christmas. Ebenezer Scrooge did many evil things. First, he took money which was marley’s after he died. Next, Scrooge talked rudely to his nephew. He also doesn’t give his worker a free day on

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