The Grinch Who Stole Pocahontas Analysis

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The Grinch Who Stole Pocahontas For a time, me and one of my younger sisters were homeschooled by the same teacher, whom my parents had hired so they could both work. This particular sister is only two years younger than me, which was a BIG deal when you were our age. I was in elementary school, and at that time everyone treated us like we were the same age; a great injustice to me, the already much forgotten middle child of five siblings. I 've always had one strength over all my siblings (one that’s gotten me teased over the years), which is my academic ability. I was the most serious student in my family, even at that young age, and took every assignment as a chance to prove myself. Let 's go back to my elementary school teacher. This…show more content…
I had started to prove my teacher wrong. I was doing very well in every subject, particularly in English and writing. I have always loved to read, but writing was (and is) a challenge for me. When I was impressed by a novel, or very interested in a particular topic, my teacher would assign a paper or essay to summarize what I had learned. I also had an interest in history and started reading many books and materials on early American history. Maybe it was because I was grew-up in Northern Virginia, that I had a particular interest in Jamestown, the first colonial English settlement in the Americas. I wrote a lengthy paper (lengthy for an elementary school student), about the Powhatan tribe and Pocahontas. I was so impressed with myself and was sure I 'd get an "A" on the paper. Meanwhile, my sister was also tasked to write an essay on Pocahontas, though with a shorter length requirement than mine. My teacher allowed her to read the same book I had for research, and she was to write a brief overview of what she learned as well. The time came to present our papers (which we had both typed on our shared desktop computer), and hers was already printed out. My sister was not nearly the student that I was; she didn’t take any assignment seriously, and never actually read the assigned material. She was proud to write essays on topics she knew nothing about, that could pass with a reasonable grade. So, as my teachers eyes glanced over her paper, she squinted and seemed surprised. "Wow, this is very good Ali", she said. "Did you do this all by yourself?", to which my sister confirmed she had. Our teacher was so impressed she passed the paper over for me to read. And that’s when it happened. As I read the first few lines, my brain was in overdrive. I scanned each paragraph and glanced at the title, only to come to one horrifying conclusion. This was my

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