The Growth Of Odysseus In Homer's The Odyssey

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The Odyssey is a complex narrative that tells the story of a warrior (Odysseus), that after the events at the war of Troy tries to find a way to go back home after being stuck at the island of Ogygia. The Odyssey is one of the first literature pieces in world history and I found it interesting as it compares to the life we live today, the decisions we make, the relationships among individuals and the meaning of home. Odysseus’s adventures towards the years put him into many different circumstances that make him grow as a person as well as gaining experience. He principally gets to know himself in different situations, like the wars he fought, the people and monsters whom which he defeated and his explorations overseas. I can say that Odysseus himself was a mostly successful person, he commanded and won the war at Troy, He ruled his own kingdom (Ithaca) and had a beloved family including his faithful wife Penelope and his courageous son Telemachus.…show more content…
He ended up at the island of Ogygia because of Poseidon, and eventually he could get back home thanks to the persuasion of Athena to god Zeus. Personally, I don’t believe that people’s actions and destiny are already predestined by a superior being, I think our actions along our life path make us who we are and what our destiny be years from now. In some way, I also found interesting the reason why the author of the Odyssey made use of Greek gods in the story, probably it was intended to have hidden features so that people can explain life situations in different ways or indeed it was a true story based on a heroic character who overcame many difficulties along his way and could end up triumphant, leading to
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