The Guardian Angel Short Story

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The Guardian Angel “I have an operation, but if I make it past Wednesday I would love to,” this quote came from a young girl named Heather; she was in a wheelchair. Her and her sister Melanie, were hit by a drunk driver while riding their bikes, and Heather wad internal organ damage. Christopher Bonvie had attended a conference in Orlando, Florida for the Children’s Miracle Network when he got the chance to meet these young girls. He spent a week with 65 of what he called the most impressive families. He had been talking to Heather and Melanie about coming to his Walmart store to talk about positive motivation. Chris was amazed by how their family enjoyed every second with Heather; they acted as if nothing bad was going to happen. Heather,…show more content…
Chris could not recall why Sarah and his son Edward were not at school, but Delaney was sitting on the stairs, and Lisa came up to her and said in a whining demeaning voice, “Delaney, how many times do I have to tell you? You can’t wear those jeans everyday.” Delaney was not one to cry very often, but she started to bawl and say, “It’s the only pair I’ve got.” She then ran out to go to school. At that same time, Chris went downstairs to look for the cord for his phone. He remembered plugging it into the computer, but it was not there. He went upstairs to ask Lisa if she had seen it. They went downstairs and he said “it was right there, like do you remember seeing it?” He tried to use muscle memory to help find it. She answers him, “no, and I hate when you treat me like your associates at work.” Lisa never liked Chris’ communication skills; he could make her talk, but she did not like talking. She went upstairs and later, Chris was making coffee when she said it again, “I hate when you treat me like one of your associates.” It was his breaking point. “It was the only time in our thirteen year relationship that I lost it.” All he said to her was, “and I hate it when you ******* whine at the kids and make them cry.” He left the kitchen, and when he woke up, he was downstairs, and he could hear Sarah and Edward crying. The coffee cup that he had fallen with, there were shards of it in his head when he hit the ground. He does not remember if he just passed out or had a seizure, but the number one cause of seizures is anxiety and his anxiety had been so high at the time and the depression had weakened his mind to the point where he could barely function. He had previously been diagnosed with a seizure disorder He remembers coming to and prior to
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