The Guda Triangle: The Bermuda Triangle

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“There is a place, it’s said, where small boats, huge ships, anti even powerful military aircraft sometimes sail out into calm, clear weather… and then just vanish. Without a trace.” (Lexton, 2003) The Bermuda Triangle or the Devil’s Triangle is an imaginary and strange Triangular area that is situated in the east coast of Florida. It is also mapped on the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean that is bounded by its three triangles, Miami, San Juan in Puerto Rico, and the island of Bermuda. And the first researcher to define these boundaries was Vincent Gaddis in 1964, while others later gave the area a bigger size of 1,300,000 to 3,900,000 kilometers squared. (Norrinton, 2010) And although the United States Board on Geographic Names does not recognize the name of Bermuda Triangle, the area is one of the World’s most transit routes of traveling ships to the ports of Americas, the Caribbean Islands, and Europe. It specifically carries daily heavy cruise ships, pleasure crafts from Florida and back or vice versa, and private and commercial aircrafts that head towards Northern points of South America, the Caribbean Islands, and again Florida. (Gaddis, 1964) And so, the areas brings to the table triggering aspects to initiate research and prove the that the Bermuda Triangle has witnessed the disappearance of several ships and planes and raised opposing views in their explanations. The most common thought of the Bermuda Triangle are the recorded disappearances that

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