The Legend Of The Bermuda Triangle

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The Bermuda Triangle only existed out of the writer's imagination. The Bermuda Triangle is an area within the points of Florida, Puerto Rico and Bermuda, this region is also known as the devil's triangle. It caught attention when they Cyclops ( a U.S. ship named after a giants in the greek mythology explaining how large the boat was) have sunken in that within that region. Another weird famous incident was flight 19 (a torpedo bombers group wave was sent for practicing and disappeared over the region without sending an SOS signal.), the pilots were very well trained to avoid incidents and crashes however the us navy never received any sort of information to know what happened. Till this day, no one knows what happened in this area, and many theories try to prove what happened in there; but is there such a thing as the Bermuda Triangle or is it just a legend.

All of the incidents that occurred within the Bermuda Triangle could have
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A journalist named Larry Kusche asked exactly that question, and came to a surprising answer: there is no mystery about strange disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle” (Radford). All the stories that have been about strange disappearance were made by mistake and rumors passed down as fact-checked truth (Radford). Many writers never bothered to do any actual investigation and others made up mind blowing explanations to earn a dollar more. In some scenarios, small ships and other significant never actually went missing. This whole thing sparked by some sort of ship or plane went missing in a storm and never found within that region and so on so for rumors are made of other crafts missing (Radford). It is good to know that it’s heavily traveled by cruise and cargo ships. It makes sense if things actually go missing there with an explanation it would happen just by a random chance
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