The Guerilla Is Like A Poet Analysis

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The poem “The Guerrilla is Like a Poet” was written by Jose Maria Sison, who is known for his pseudonym or nom de guerre (“war name”) Amado Guerrero. He was the founder of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Phillippines(CPP). It is an organization founded on Marxism-Lenninsm-Mao Zedong thought, based on his experience as a leader, a laborer and activists. He was labelled as a “person supporting terrorism” by the united states and the European union. There are signs of Marxism in the poem and Jose Maria Sison is trying to prove that communism should also be promoted in the Philippines. They were just trying to fight for what they stand for and if it means war then they’ll have to stand for it. He also meant that there’s nothing wrong in raising the power of communism. In his poem, he talks about guerrilla warfare and its similarities to a poet. At the beginning of every verse, he starts with “the guerilla is like a poet” then begins to poetically describe a guerrilla warfare. He begins with describing a war zone and how, like a soldier, a poet would assess his surroundings, describing the break of twigs, the ripples of the river, the smell of fire, and the ashes of departure as soon as he sets foot in the area. Later on he relates the guerilla’s and poet’s attributes to each other. The mood of the poem starts a…show more content…
They had four children and their youngest daughter was born in prison. He went to exile in Netherlands right after the Marcos regime. He was released by the government under Corazon Aquino. The poem is relevant to his personal life because based from the article his youngest daughter was born in a prison and as a human being and a prison is the best place to give birth to a baby or more so to take care of one. His major concerns was the Socialist Party and the Movement of the Advanced Nationalism because he is the founder of the said
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