The Guilty: The Case Of Michael Morton

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In 1986, Michael Morton would go on to spend the next twenty-five years of his life in prison for a crime that he did not commit. Morton’s wife, Christine, was bludgeoned to death in their home with their young son bearing witness to the murder. Although no physical evidence linked Morton to the murder, he was consequently charged with the killing of his wife. In addition, Morton’s young son even makes the statement that his was father was not even at the home during the time of the murder in a police report. One of the primary reasons that Michael Morton was convicted of the murder involved the unethical actions of the prosecutor, Ken Anderson, with the withholding of evidence that could have proven Morton’s innocence. Although Morton’s exoneration was the result of DNA evidence, “Morton’s attorneys filed a Public Information Act request, and finally obtained the other documents showing Morton’s innocence in the prosecution’s file that had been withheld at trial” (Innocence Project).…show more content…
The Court of Inquiry found that there was probable cause to believe that the prosecutor had violated criminal law by concealing evidence. Anderson was charged with criminal contempt and The State Bar of Texas also brought ethics charges against
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