The Guinea Pig Ilium Experiment

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Experimental procedure (real life) Complete the ‘experimental setup’ for the guinea pig ilium experiment as shown in Fig 1. The agonist, acetylcholine is added to the organ bath at a concentration of 1 x 10⁻⁸ M where it will follow the 3 minute cycle. After 30 seconds the results are recorded. After results are recorded, washing of the organ bath and ilium is conducted (note. Called wash out). After 90 seconds a second washout occurs. At 180 seconds the length of the guinea pig ileum is reset to 2cm (note. The aforementioned steps are called the 3 minute cycle). Another dose of acetylcholine is added which follows the 3 minute cycle, however the concentration is increased by 1 x 10⁻⁸ M . This is repeated until the maximum response of acetylcholine

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