The Guns Of Academe Analysis

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In Adam Winkler, a constitutional law professor, article “The Guns of Academe” states the negatives of having guns in college and universities. Showing the limits of positive views people have toward it. many negatives view of students and faculties feelings, age, and responsibility. He explains There are many articles that explain the positive views of having guns in a school environment. While on the other hand, there are many more articles that go along with Adam Winkler 's side for the negative views of having a gun in a school area. Gun violence in college and universities does not happen as often as killings in a home or on the street happen on a daily. Guns in a learning environment wouldn 't help out as much as if there were none. In countless articles and many places on the media scene, it is out there that having a gun is not as safe as having no guns. The are many negative views for those who believe in no guns. In Winkler 's article, he…show more content…
In another view, many of those who are on the board of having guns have limited reasoning. Winkler even states “On the Other hand , gun advocates are too quick to assume that laws allowing guns on campus will discourage mass murderers.” Even in Arizona, which was an example in the article, it had passed a liberal carrying law, and with that, there was still a shooting of a man hurting a representative and killing six other people along with it. This remark goes back to the last paragraph and how it could make a setting bitter and uncomfortable instead of having people feel safer because they would be able to “fight back”. Also in a shooting that could happen at a school people could have a gun on them and still would not be able to protect himself, but also can shoot a bystander because they could have thought it was the shooter. This reasoning is also a representation of how having a gun to protect oneself is a good idea. “...Policeman or other students with guns might not be able to differentiate among
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