The Guns Of August Analysis

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Topic Sentence: The growth of militaries made countries confident they’d win power for their nation. Proof: In Barbara Tuchman’s book entitled, The Guns of August, she says,”You will be home before the leaves have fallen from the trees.” Explain: Barbara comes from Britain. She believed in her military. She didn’t want them to lose and she wasn’t prepared for them to lose. Barbara was prepared for a tiny war that wouldn’t last long. She was confident her military being the best, but she wasn’t aware how other militaries could be great too. Proof: Richard Overy made a bar graph of how many weapons each military got about every ten years. Explain: The bar graph shows whether its army or navy and how much each of them got. From 1890-1900 its…show more content…
Proof: A German propaganda cartoon entitled Freiheit Der Meere or Freedom of the Seas illustrates that england is taking away all of the world’s freedom. Explain: A map of the world is presented. The name of the map is called freedom of the seas. When thinking of freedom, thoughts go to thinking it’s peaceful and free. In this representation it shows england almost as if it was an octopus reaching out around the world and taking land for itself. At the bottom it lists places where England already took over and the year. At the top right it says a statement in german. It states, “England Der Blutsauger Der Welt”. In english it means “england is the bloodsucker of the world”. The germans felt like the british were taking over and they wouldn’t have any land left. They knew england was taking over anything they could get their hands on. Proof: Explain: Analysis: Transition: In James Joll’s book entitled, The Origins of the First World War, Prince Bernhard von Bulow, the German Chancellor, argues “In the coming century the German nation will be either the hammer or the anvil” (Document 8). Argument Proof
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