The Hadrian Wall

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Hadrian (14th Emperor of the Roman Empire), born on the 24th of January was one of the most substantial Roman Emperors, and is also known as one of the five good emperors (Reign of Nerva AD 96-98, Reign of Trajan AD 98-117, Reign of Hadrian AD 117-138, Reign of Antoninus AD 138-161, Reign of Marcus Aurelius AD 161-180) having not only rebuilt the Pantheon and construction of the Temple of Venus and Roma, he is also greatly known for the building of the Hadrian Wall which was a cultural divider between Scotland and England which was put into place in 128 AD. The Hadrian wall took about 6 years to build, it was 73 miles long, and it was effectively the northern limit of the Roman Empire. Having been born into a family with a background associated…show more content…
His mother from Gades. His birthplace is still unknown but some say he was born near his father’s town, and some say he was born in Rome. His early life was not talked about much. The reason Hadrian succeeded in building the Hadrian Wall was…show more content…
The Hadrian Wall was built by Roman Legionaries. These soldiers were in the 2nd, 6th, and 20th legions. They were very skilled in building roads. Engineers, stonemasons, and blacksmiths were a crucial part in the completion of the wall. “Little evidence of damage… on Hadrian’s Wall (Collins 16).” The wall was stone base, 8 feet wide, and 12 feet high. “Hadrian’s Wall… conspicuous linear figure (Collins 2).” Within the Vallum Hadriani were milecastles with 2 turrets in between. A milecastle was a huge fortified gateway which Roman soldiers used as patrol. Milecastles housed up to 60 troops! They also controlled who passed through the wall. There were 16 forts along the wall. They could hold up to 800 troops. The forts usually consisted of Commanders, headquarters, houses, hospitals, workshops, barracks, stables, and a prison. Ditches were dug to ensure that the wall, if attacked, could only be crossed through Roman controlled forts. Eventually settlements grew around the wall and trading centers were created. Even though there were many attacks on the Hadrian Wall, it was able to withhold its ground. You must have had to been crazy to think that you could surpass the Hadrian Wall. The Hadrian Wall was maintained for almost 3 centuries before ceasing to hold as a Roman Frontier during the fifth

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