The Half-Blood Prince Vs Snape

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In Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, there are many changes between the novel and the film. In the “Spinner’s End” scene, there are alterations in Snape’s character that change the viewer’s perception of him. In the novel, Snape’s character is perceived as a melodramatic villain, whereas in the film Snape is portrayed in a literary realist approach. The effect of this change results in viewers being surprised in Snape’s murderous act, whereas in the novel the readers are prepared for the death of Dumbledore. In the novel, Snape is depicted as a melodramatic villain who is loyal to Voldemort, evident by him stating, “It so happens that I know of the plan, […] I am one of the few the Dark Lord told” (Rowling 37). Readers assume Snape is
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