The Half Skinned Steer Analysis

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This forever drive so it seemed took almost five days to make. Mero had just found out that his brother had passed away, due to getting attacked by an emu, at the ranch that he had grown up at in Ten Sleep, Wyoming. He decides that he will drive instead of fly from the bad experiences he has had. He leaves Massachusetts four days before the funeral. Eighty three year old Mero experiences a tough drive back to the equality state. Going back to the ranch is an adventure on its own. Going through every little bump and bruise to get there and getting lost while trying to find the ranch. In the reading The Half-Skinned Steer, the character was based off of an eighty three year old man, Mero, who had grown up, lived in Wyoming, multiple wives, and decided it was one of the most god awful places to live. So he got up moved away to Massachusetts and thought he would never go back there again. Well that was a mistake to be forgotten. Getting a call that his younger brother, Rollo, had passed away by an emu attack and was asked if he could make it to the funeral. Mero’s girlfriend was telling a story to him throughout the reading, this story was about a half skinned steer that had went missing .The climax of this story is when Mero had taken the wrong turn to the ranch, and had ended up getting his car stuck in the middle of a Wyoming…show more content…
From totaling his car, getting picked up, getting lost in a tree patch and almost getting attacked, and realizing that he was wrong once again. Mero has had a hard life to what he has said. A lot of now knowing for what it sounds like “had gone to war and come back, married and married again (and again), made money in boilers and air-duct cleaning and smart investments, retired, got into local politics and out again without scandal, never circled back to see the old man and Rollo, bankrupt and ruined, because he knew they were”
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