The Half Ton Man Documentary Analysis

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The documentary the half ton man has some of the most appalling human mental and physical challenges I have personally learned about. Patrick the man whom is predominately followed throughout the documentary gave me insight about obesity that I never even thought was possible. Obesity is a topic I have some background knowledge over already due to previous health class and education I understand being obese is about 300 pounds plus typically. But as I mentioned this is taken to the extreme some people in the documentary weighed half a ton and many astonishing facts were revealed reflected from this documentary. What I find it myself asking more questions and feeling a sense of sorrow because these types of people just cannot help themselves.
Some of my personal questions I kept asking to myself throughout the documentary were how can any human body withstand such extreme stress. The main problem for all of the obese was malnutrition and a lack of exercise. With malnutrition in mind I question was there a lack of bone health, or how can you stay alive by not moving from a single location for years?
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Having a mental desire constantly for food is something I could not fathom. It was shocking to find out about the similarities of those with drug addictions and the obese, because neither can help the urge. It’s a mental disorder in the sense because they cannot stop and its tragic. The most tragic was witnessing the people who had lost it all achieved their goals and becoming slim then regaining it all again. It brings me to wonder if science will create a breakthrough possibly one day that will resolve people’s addictions not just with food but drugs and whatever it may be. People have a difficult time changing. It’s not as if these people wanted to be obese they just couldn’t help it. Their mind had been tuned to a fixed mindset that could not be changed and I hope one day science will help aid their

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