The Halibut Treaty

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Another steps to become an independent country Britain being the Empire of Canada, England had significant amount of control over Canada’s external affairs. When Halibut Treaty was signed between Canada and America, Canada just took another step towards its independence of England and being its own country and not a dominion. The Halibut Treaty was signed on 2 March, 1923 between Canada and America. This treaty was a huge step for Canada, as it basically meant that Canada would trade with United States more often. This treaty was mainly created because of concerns in fishing rights in the Pacific Ocean. For the first time, Canada had taken a decision independently without the approval of Britain. Prime Minister Mackenzie King believed that the treaty should not concern Britain as it was a decision between Canada and U.S, not England.…show more content…
Which later even caused Britain to finally allow Canada and other dominions to be “self-governing” and equal to Britain itself which was a major leap for Canadian history in the Imperial Treaty of 1926 and also the Statute of Westminster in

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